Affiliates DOs and DON’Ts
Best practices in Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is great way to earn a passive income. By promoting BuildPenis you can also grow your business to earn a full time income for you and your family.

To succeed as an affiliate marketer and to achieve your affiliate marketing business goals, be sure to follow these guidelines.


1. Research and find the right domain name. Pick one that is memorable, descriptive and includes keywords that people would use when searching for the product you’ll be marketing, e.g. penis enlargement, male enhancement, etc.

2. If you cannot afford a domain, use free blog (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.). Blogs are great tool for affiliate marketers. They’re free and all you have to do is adding valuable content that promotes the product you’re marketing.

3. Whether you use your own domain or blog, fill it with great and useful content. Content is the key to your success. Use different types of content to promote your affiliate products and services, such as articles, reviews, blog posts, e-books, reports, etc. Good content helps you sell your visitors the product before they ever click on your affiliate link. When visitors are convinced by your content, they are more likely to make a purchase. If you just hit the visitors with the link and leave all of the promotion to the vendor, you won’t convince them to buy your product. Update your site/blog with new content (articles, reviews, blog posts) at least once a week.

4. Skillfully and tastefully integrate affiliate links into your content. Studies revealed links tend to work better at generating click-throughs than banner ads. Wrap your affiliate links into keywords that people would use when searching for your product, i.e. “natural penis enlargement”, “increase penis size”, etc. By using this method you will succeed to attract more targeted audience willing to buy the product you’re marketing.

5. Use analytics to track your marketing campaigns. Find out what keywords people use to find your website or blog, and which articles are attracting attention. Use this information to modify and fine tune your content so you can offer more information to your audience. Relevant and quality content will attract more visits and more visits mean more sales for you.

6. Search for communities who are likely to be interested in the product you're marketing. Earn their trust over time and promote your product.

7. Get in touch with the vendor and ask if they are able to provide you with some unique sales materials or any advice. We would love to help our affiliates succeed, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


1. Don’t spam. Ever. You’re building a real business here that is meant to last. By spamming you’re digging your own affiliate grave. Nobody likes spam. Your potential visitors don’t like spam. Search engines don’t like spam. Affiliate networks like Clickbank don’t like spam. We don’t like spam.

2. Stuffing keywords is another bad practice. If your website or blog doesn’t have any valuable content and if it’s just stuffed with keywords linked to the product you’re trying to sell, no one would ever find your site or buy the product. You will have zero sales. Plus, search engines might ban you.

3. Blasting the vendor's website with untargeted traffic. You won't make money, and the vendor's conversion rate would go down.

4. Put up a website full of content, sit back and wait. The more regularly and often you update your website or blog, the more traffic you will generate. Search engines like new content and visitors will find you much easier.


Remember, affiliate marketing is great way to earn for a living. It’s also a business that cannot be built overnight. You must show patience, dedication and commitment and success is guaranteed.

Engage, explore, experiment, and most of all, don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

By promoting BuildPenis product using the most recommended affiliate practices you may earn yourself a fortune!

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