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Privacy policy

Your privacy and safety is very important to us so we pay a lot of attention to maintaining a private and secure service. All information that we exchange will be kept a secret between us. This includes credit card details, email and information exchanged in further communication between us.

Since BuildPenis is a 100% digital product no physical goods will come to your home address so you do not need to worry about anybody seeing that you are part of the BuildPenis program. You will just get an email with a username and individual password that will help you to get into our members-only area.

When you sign up for the BuildPenis program your credit card will only show a transaction with ClickBank, without any additional information about your purchase so it is as discreet as possible. As we have encrypted confidential information nobody else will be able to discover your financial information when you order from us.

We will not sell any of your personal data to third party and everything will be kept in our property and completely secure. If we make any important change or improvement to our product we will quickly contact you by email in order to keep you informed about the BuildPenis program. After all you are the reason we created it so you deserve to know if we make it even better.