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The Greatest Program for Natural Penis Enlargement

How much do women care about penis size?

Although most women say that they do not pay attention to size, often this is not the case. In fact they like both to see and feel a huge and powerful penis. This is a secret that they usually confess to friends and in anonymous surveys like one that we have performed. Most of them said that they do not want to offend their partners so they say that do not care about the size of his penis and they love him the way he is when actually they would prefer a longer penis with even more girth. In our anonymous survey they often expressed preference towards man who know what to do in bed and who can give them intense, squirting orgasms. That is the reason that we added special bonus content to our penis enlargement product. Our special bonus guide consists of advice on how to control erection and ejaculation and amazing, secret sex tips that will drive women wild. Not only will you have bigger penis but your overall sexual performance will reach new levels of expertise.

At what age can I start the BuildPenis program?

You should be above the age of 18 but there is no upper limitation. No matter if you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s or even 70s you can begin our BuildPenis program. Our customers have reported gains at every age and that is the reason we can honestly say that success with the BuildPenis program is not limited by your age.

When will I begin to see the effects of the program?

Most users of the BuildPenis program have said that they noticed an improvement after only two weeks of exercising. The most devoted of our users managed to gain their first inch after just 4 weeks but the majority see their first extra inch in 6 or 7 weeks. In a minority of cases it was reported our users found no gain, even after 2 or 3 months. After talking with them we discovered that they did not follow the BuildPenis program correctly and in some cases were not measuring their penis correctly. After consulting with us and then following the program correctly they also saw length and girth improvements. So there is no reason that you will be excluded from enlarging your manhood.

How many inches can I gain?

There is no limit for potential gains and you can continue exercising even after you have achieved your primary goals. Some of people who exercise diligently for many years have gained more than 4 inches in length and about 2 inch in girth. So everything is up to you: the size of the improvement depends entirely on how much time and effort you are ready to invest.

Is the BuildPenis programe safe?

While we were developing the BuildPenis program we placed huge emphasis on the safety aspect of every exercise. There are safety instructions with each exercise and special safety tips on our introduction page. We strongly urge you to read every word of each exercise carefully to protect you from any injury and to get the maximum possible results.

Does the BuildPenis program increase girth?

Yes. Three main programs (basic, intermediate and advanced) will have a positive effect on your girth. However if you want to focus more on girth gains we have special girth oriented program that can enlarge your girth by up to 2 inches.

Can the BuildPenis program correct penile curvature?

Yes, with our special program you may be able fix the penile curvature of your penis. There are a set of exercises that will make your penis completely straight, without a hint of any curvature. Of course if you have Peyronie's disease it is not possible to fix your curvature (without medical treatment), but if you suffer from this (condition) you should not get into any penis enlargement program (until you cure it).

How important is warming up?

Just like with any exercise, warming up before starting the BuildPenis program is extremely important! If you want to prevent injuries and get the biggest possible gains you must pay close attention to your warm up. There is a suggested warm up before every workout in our program and we strongly advise you to follow these instructions and not start the exercise itself immediately.

Will anybody else know that I am doing penis enlargement exercise?

Unless you confide in somebody nobody else will know anything about your activity. You can be completely secure in our discretion so only your sexual partners will discover the amazing results of your activity and we believe that she will not have any reason to complain.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the results?

We offer you an immediate full refund if you request one within 60 days after purchase. There are no unrealistic conditions and we will not ask unnecessary questions about your reasons for wanting a refund. However we are fully convinced that you will gain inches and not want money back, as almost 100% of our customers have noticed huge improvements.

Is there any support I can get while doing exercises?

Yes, we provide full support for our users. Somebody from our support team will help you with your queries and dilemmas as soon as possible. Most of the queries that we receive we answer within 24 hours, so feel free to contact us.