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BuildPenis is probably the best program for penis enlargement you can promote because it is unique in many different ways. Result of its uniqueness is rising popularity and revenue it generated in past months to both our affiliates and us. We developed great sales page with both text and video pitch to persuade as many people as possible in all benefits of Build Penis. There is also a mobile landing page and it resulted in boosting mobile conversions that are on a top of industrial standard. In the member area there are specialized programs to meet the needs of all customer who want to enlarge their penis and believe me, there are many of them out there. We have a solution for all of them!

Deep market research have shown that most men beside issues with their penis size also have some other sexual issues. We decided to solve as many of these problems as we can, so we’re giving the Bonus product to our customers completely free. Bonus is made of three parts (Control erection, Control ejaculation and Top Sexual Performance) and most of our users are very positively surprised by this bonus. The road to complete sexual happiness is now open since men can enlarge their manhood, get erected when they want, stay hard as long as they want and finally do things in bed that will drive their partners mad. That of course keeps them on right track of solving sexual problems and gets refund requests close to zero.

All exercises are performed by hands and they are not too complicated. There is a textual and video explanation for each exercise so every user can do them right and safely. Average program requires 20 minutes per day so most of the targeted population will have enough time each day to do them appropriately. This is the most important thing since there is no gains if exercises are not done correctly. However, we have a special time saving program for those who do not have time for usual exercising.

If you already promote some penis enlargement product you have quite a lot reasons to switch. There are many competitive advantages of BuildPenis. First, we offer 75% commision for each sale and many of our competitors are far behind. If some visitor you send to us comes back after few days and buys BuildPenis you will also get the commision. Whole payment process is managed by ClickBank, top third-party payment processor, so everything is going to finish as secure, fast and accurate as it can. You can also track your earnings 24/7 and ClickBank will transfer money to you every two weeks unless you set it different. If you already have an account on ClickBank then you just need to create your hoplink for BuildPenis and start promoting. In case you still do not have an account you can create it fast and easy at www.clickbank.com.

BuildPenis is a very distinctive product with many unique value propositions like mobile optimization, video part on landing page, users and expert testimonials, video explanation of each exercise and free bonus product. This boosts conversions at about 1:40 and keeps satisfaction rate around 98%. During long time while developing BuildPenis, a lot of people said that they did not get any support from sellers of penis enlargement after purchase. They felt a bit disappointed and often looked for refunding. That is the reason why we paid much of attention on support aspect and strive to answer to all mails as soon as possible.

Basically all you have to do is send people who think about having a bigger penis to our site and get 75% of price. Yes, it is that easy to make much more money than now, whether or not you have promoted some product as an affiliate before. There is a huge demand for penis enlargement products with thousands of new customers entering into the market each day. You can make really a big profit by promoting BuildPenis to them!

Since we keep very serious approach in all phases of the development of BuildPenis we do not want someone to ruin it with bad or unethical promotion. That is the reason why everybody who use spam techniques or other illegal way of promotion will be banned immediately. We will support all other ways of promotion, so please do not hesitate to contact us for all promotional material or information you need!

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